Spam calls outpace all other complaints to attorney general’s office

Johnnie Pratt
Never pick up a call you.suspect is spam. Every single time you engage, even a little, it paints a giant red target on your head and means you will get more calls, period.

Missouri residents were plagued with spam calls this previous year, so much so that they were the No. 1 complaint to the attorney general’s office.

Overall, the attorney general’s office fielded 114,417 consumer complaints with Consumer Protection Unit advocates obtaining $15,642,322 in restitution for consumers through their mediation process in 2022.

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey released the top 10 consumer complaints for National Consumer Protection Week. The top three include no-call complaints; real estate and construction; and automotive issues.

“Fighting scammers will continue to be a top priority of my office, as we seek to safeguard Missourians against fraud,” Bailey said in a news release.

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