How To Get Your Driver’s License Back After a DUI Conviction in FL

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How To Get Your Driver’s License Back After a DUI Conviction in FL

Your license will be suspended if you are convicted or suspect that you will be. Even if the Judge doesn’t suspend your driver’s license for a DUI Conviction conviction, the Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles administratively suspends your privilege to drive for a maximum period of time. Fla. Stat. 322.28(2): It is in your best interest for the Judge to impose a shorter suspension. 322.28(2):

  1. A 1 st DUI conviction for at least 6 months or more is eligible for you to apply for a work permit for your business/employment after you leave court.
  2. A mandatory five-year suspension applies to a 2 or 3 Dui conviction within 5 years of any prior conviction. You are then eligible for a work permit (or a business permit) one year following your conviction.

Notice: If the previous conviction was more than five years ago, the suspension lasts between six months and one year. You are not eligible to apply for a work permit for that period.

  1. A mandatory 10-year license suspension is required for a 3 or rd DUI conviction in which at least one prior conviction was within the past 10 years. A Work Permit will not be issued to you until after 2 years.

Notice: If your prior convictions date back more than 10 years, the suspension will last for 6 months to 1 year and you won’t be eligible for a work permit.

The Balck Law Company is familiar with the complex rules and administrative procedures to determine if you are eligible and what you should do to obtain your Florida work permit. If your license is suspended or about to be, and you don’t have an attorney to guide you through the administrative process, then call Black Law Company today to schedule your Free Consultation to speak with one our License Attorneys.

This post was written by Okoye Morgan Jr., a lawyer with extensive knowledge as a St Pete DUI lawyer. Okoye is one of the founding partners of The Black Law Company, specializing in personal injury law, trust and estate law, civil litigation law, and criminal defense.

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