Criminal Defence Lawyers

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Criminal Defence Lawyers

Criminal Defence Lawyers in Montreal must have excellent creative thinking and analytical skills in order to develop legal strategy, analyze case law, and litigate complex cases. They also must have a deep understanding of state, federal, and local laws to represent their clients effectively.

If you are facing criminal charges in Montreal, you need the best criminal defence lawyer to fight for your rights. To find the right lawyer, consider the following factors:


Criminal defence lawyers work to protect the rights of individuals who have been charged with a crime. They have a wide range of skills that can be used to defend their clients, including investigative and research skills. These are important in preparing a strong defence and ensuring the best possible outcome.

Criminal law is a complex field and requires in-depth knowledge of the interplay between a variety of pieces of legislation. A good criminal defense lawyer will be able to quickly identify the legal issues and build a defence strategy. They will also be able to determine whether the police have complied with the law when investigating your case.

When choosing a criminal defence lawyer, consider factors like their experience and reputation. You should also make sure they are available when you need them, and that their fees are transparent. It’s important to find a lawyer who makes you feel comfortable and understood throughout the process.


When facing criminal charges, you need a professional criminal defence lawyer in Montreal who can protect your rights and defend you against the prosecution. There are a few criteria you should look for in a criminal defense lawyer, including experience and expertise in criminal law, positive reputation, communication skills, access to necessary resources, availability, and transparent fees.

Giuseppe Battista has extensive experience in the fields of criminal, penal and disciplinary law. He has defended clients in cases before the tribunals of Quebec and the Supreme Court of Canada. He also practises extensively in the areas of public and administrative law, often acting as counsel in cases involving constitutional issues.

Michael Edelson has handled more than 1,500 cases involving criminal trials and appeals, Highway Traffic Act and by-law infractions, and constitutional challenges. He has a proven record of excellence and is available to help you with your case. He is committed to protecting the rights of his clients and will fight for your freedom.


Criminal charges can have a devastating impact on your reputation and liberty. They can limit your employment opportunities, make it difficult to rent an apartment or obtain a loan, and even prevent you from travelling internationally. You need a criminal defence lawyer who is willing to fight for your rights and freedoms.

Look for a lawyer who offers a transparent fee structure and will provide a detailed accounting of all costs at the end of your case. Some lawyers charge flat fees, hourly retainers, or capped fees. Some lawyers may also offer a hybrid arrangement that combines several of these types of fees.

You should also consider whether the lawyer has the necessary resources to handle your case. This includes access to private investigators, forensic experts, and research databases that can help build your defence. You should also choose a criminal defense attorney who is available when you need them, including evenings and weekends. This will allow you to discuss your case with them as soon as possible and take quick action if necessary.


A criminal conviction can have devastating effects on your career, reputation and personal life. It can affect your ability to obtain a job, rent an apartment, obtain a mortgage, enrol in higher education, travel internationally and create a stigma around you among family and friends. Fortunately, you can avoid these consequences with the help of a competent Montreal criminal defence lawyer.

Criminal defence lawyers must be able to communicate effectively with clients, and understand their unique circumstances and needs. This involves delivering effective and relevant advice in a clear and concise manner. It also includes explaining complex legal issues in an easy-to-understand manner.

Communication skills are especially important when defending accused individuals at the police interrogation stage. This is because, unlike in the courtroom, lawyers’ work at the police custody suite is not visible to colleagues and there are few opportunities for peer exchange or feedback. The SUPRALAT training aims to encourage an active, client-centered and reflective approach to criminal defence at this stage.

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