Attorneys Specializing in Civil Appeal

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Attorneys Specializing in Civil Appeal

An appellate attorney specializing in civil appeals in Atlanta, he can identify errors in your case’s trial record and frame compelling, novel legal arguments that will improve your odds of success. Our national team of lawyers has honed the specialized skills this area of law requires, including analyzing and framing factual and legal issues, conducting legal research, and writing persuasive briefs.

Representation at Trial

A winning trial case requires excellent evidence and persuasive arguments. An attorney who is good at both of these things may be able to get your case through the trial court. However, the appeals court is a different animal.

In the appeals process, your legal counsel should be able to deconstruct the trial judge’s decision and identify opportunities to challenge it. Your lawyer will then frame your case to make sure the judges on your appeals court are likely to see it as a success.

A successful federal appeal depends on careful analysis of your unique case and an assessment of what the courts will be looking for in your case. You should always work with an experienced appellate lawyer. Doing otherwise may lead to missed steps, mistakes, or errors that could have devastating consequences. Griffin Durham Tanner & Clarkson is ready to assess your unique case and provide the representation you need. Call now to set up your consultation.

Representation at the Trial Court

The appeals court is under a tremendous amount of pressure. Georgia’s intermediate appellate courts have one of the highest caseloads in the country, and a judge may be responsible for making four final decisions each week plus reviewing and voting on twice that number of decisions authored by other judges, along with a constant flow of motions, orders, and interlocutory and discretionary applications.

During your appeal, you will need to demonstrate that there was a legal mistake in the original trial that should result in the judgment being overturned. This may be the result of an error in application of law, a flaw in the way evidence was presented, or other errors that affected your case’s outcome.

An experienced lawyer could identify these mistakes and help you frame a compelling legal argument that the appeals court will consider. Choosing an inexperienced attorney for your appeal will not only cost you more money, but it could put your case at serious risk of losing.

Representation at the Court of Appeals

Appeals are reviewed by panels of judges rather than juries. A successful appeal could result in the overturning of a conviction and removal of any associated penalties or fines. A defendant may file an appeal for a number of reasons, however, two common ones include perceived fault in the original trial counsel the individual received and errors that were made by the judge during the original trial.

The Court of Appeals does not hear new evidence during an appeal; rather, it reviews the decisions made by the lower courts and judges in the case. It can affirm a decision, reverse it, or return the case to the lower court for more information.

In addition to their civil practice, the students at The Bullard Firm are involved in a pro bono clinic that supports appellate representation for individuals fighting for their constitutional rights. This allows them to gain experience interviewing clients, drafting appellate briefs, and prepping cases for oral argument.

Representation at the Supreme Court

Unless an appeal is heard in the Supreme Court, a lower court’s ruling is final. The Supreme Court is responsible for promulgating rules governing all courts in Georgia and overseeing the state’s judicial branch. The Court hears most civil cases, including land titles, probate and estate proceedings, and divorce and alimony.

The Supreme Court will not overturn a jury verdict or judge’s decision unless there are clear errors in legal reasoning or application of the law to the case’s facts. The Court is very selective in deciding to hear an appeal and usually only takes about 5 percent of the cases it’s asked to review.

A skilled Atlanta criminal appeals lawyer at Brownstone will carefully examine the trial record to identify opportunities to challenge your conviction. We will then build a compelling argument for your case at the appropriate appellate court. Contact us today to discuss your options. The initial consultation is free.

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