Types of School Bus Accidents and How Your Lawyer Can Help

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Many potential scenarios might happen. Either way, the accident will likely occur, and the children will be endangered.

Driving a school bus means being extra careful and skillful, mainly because you must use caution and watch for children. After all, having to drive around many children is a lot of pressure, and when accidents occur, that makes the situation worse.

Unfortunately, school bus accidents are pretty common nowadays. However, you can still seek compensation, regardless of the accident. So, if you’re interested to know more about the most common types of bus accidents and how your attorney can help with that, this article is for you.

When Other Drivers are Involved

Often, bus drivers are cautious when coming near a stop sign, while the other driver behind isn’t. Or when you’re the other driver, and a bus comes up before you approach the next intersection.

Many potential scenarios might happen. Either way, the accident will likely occur, and the children will be endangered. In both cases, you can seek compensation for your injuries and damages, whether you were the other driver or your children were on the bus. You’ll need to contact professional lawyers who handle bus accidents, but it’ll be worth it.

Another helpful thing you can do if the bus driver is careless and distracted is to report it to your city’s bus system. Suppose you’re from Austin, Texas, you can complain to Capital Metro, and they’ll deal with any irregularities to prevent future accidents.

However, if the school bus and other vehicles come into a dangerous crash – even fatal, it may result in severe injuries, such as:

  • Whiplash
  • Back and neck injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Chronic Pain
  • Head injuries

Suppose your child suffers from any of these injuries. In that case, you should contact Austin Bus Accident Lawyers immediately, and they’ll assess your case to determine liability and the compensation you deserve.

Pedestrian Accidents

The second type of school bus accident is more common– pedestrian. In this scenario, you might walk through a crosswalk, and a school bus comes out of nowhere. Although you’ve headed cautiously to the other side, the bus driver doesn’t see you and proceeds to hit you.

These accidents can cause lifelong injuries, if not fatal, and can range from broken bones to paralysis. If you’re a victim, you can always talk to a qualified attorney because they can assist you with further legal steps.

Soft-focus shot of kids on school bus; image by Jeswin Thomas, via Unsplash.com.
Soft-focus shot of kids on school bus; image by Jeswin Thomas, via Unsplash.com.

Again, you should reach out to Texas Bus Accident Lawyers if the accident occurred in that case. These lawyers will help navigate your claim while you take time for your recovery. They’ll also gather any evidence to ensure you have a solid case to present to the court.

The Passengers of the School Bus are Injured

Last but not least, the most common bus accident is when the passengers inside are injured. Sometimes, although the bus drivers report their bus’s malfunctions to their company, they tell them to drive with them anyway.

Or, the slippery roads from last night’s rain make driving on your route more difficult. As a result, you and the students on your bus suffer many injuries, from bruises to more severe head and neck injuries.

Of course, you can always seek help from attorneys to make a claim or lawsuit against the school bus company, especially if your child suffered any injuries. You’ll need to contact Austin Accident Lawyers because they know your state’s laws better, so they can handle any case effortlessly.

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