Reliable USCIS Office in Dallas

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Reliable USCIS Office in Dallas

Depending on the type of immigration application you file, you may be required to visit a reliable USCIS office in Dallas. For example, if you are applying for Advance Parole, you will submit your application to the nearest USCIS lockbox or to a field office.

These offices are based on the distribution of workload requiring in-person services. As such, some field offices perform better than others.


USCIS field offices are the local branch locations where applicants interview for immigration benefits. The process of becoming a citizen or changing your work authorization may involve interviews at a local office, so it’s important to choose one close to you. The best and worst USCIS field offices for citizenship application processing vary widely from city to city, as does the number of applications handled by each office.

To determine the best and worst USCIS field offices, we used a novel index that weighs three different criteria: backlog completion, median wait time, and maximum wait time. We normalized each criterion so that the overall index is comparable across sites and years, with a score of 100 representing the best possible performance.

Whether you’re applying for a green card, citizenship, or naturalization, your success depends on navigating the complex immigration process correctly. Consult a dedicated immigration attorney to increase your chances of success and minimize delays.


If you have questions about immigration into the United States, you can always call a DFW citizenship attorney. The USCIS, which is the Department of Homeland Security agency that oversees legal immigration into the country, has a helpful system for people who want to work with an immigrant lawyer in Austin or elsewhere.

It allows people to call a live customer service representative and get basic help from a software program. Its options are updated regularly and based on the current situation. You can press one key if you need information about the latest petition, for example. You can also press another key to locate a local office or application support center.

Each field office’s overall index value is a weighted average of its normalized backlog completion, median wait time, and maximum wait time. The overall index values do not take into account the size of a metro area’s immigrant population, though. The tables below rank field offices using a more innovative metric.

Documents to Bring

While you are at a USCIS office, there are a few key documents you should bring. These will vary depending on the specific case. For example, if you are applying for Advance Parole, you will need pay stubs and tax returns to show that you are employed. You should also bring a letter from your employer that states your position and explains why you are not likely to become a public charge (receive government assistance).

If you are interviewing for asylum, you will need to provide a certified translation of any documents that are in a foreign language. This will help ensure that the USCIS officer understands your responses. In addition, failing to listen carefully and volunteering information that harms your case can cause problems during the interview process. This is especially true for individuals who are going through a credible fear or reasonable fear screening process.

Mask Wearing

In the face of the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, several cities have imposed mask-wearing mandates in city-owned buildings and schools. Dallas, for instance, now requires all public university and community college students, faculty, and staff to wear masks when on campus. Other cities have ordered mask-wearing in city-owned facilities, including libraries, recreation centers, and the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center.

A new Dallas database lets residents check whether businesses in their neighborhood require masks for people entering. The website launched Wednesday, a day after a district judge temporarily granted local leaders power to impose their own mask orders despite Gov. Greg Abbott’s order banning such local requirements.

The Texas attorney general’s office has filed an appeal to block the Dallas judge’s order. The state’s 5th Court of Appeals is expected to rule on the matter within days. The governor and attorney general have argued that the judge violated state law by using a disaster declaration to give himself emergency powers, and that his orders were based on incorrect information from CDC.

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