How Criminal Cases Can Affect Your Life

Johnnie Pratt
How Criminal Cases Can Affect Your Life

Facing criminal charges can drastically disrupt your life. In addition to expensive fines and imprisonment, a conviction can also hurt your job prospects and reputation.

Kurtis Bronston has experience handling cases involving DUIs, domestic violence, and complex drug offenses. He serves clients throughout Savannah and Chatham County, and can help you build a strong defense for your criminal case in Savannah.


Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a serious offense. Georgia has strict penalties for DUI convictions. Convictions can lead to jail time, fines, and a license suspension. A DUI also leaves a mark on your criminal record and can impact employment, college admission, and military service.

It’s important to contact an experienced Savannah DUI lawyer right away. An attorney can help you prepare for your arraignment and create an effective defense to vindicate you or reduce the charges.

A Savannah DUI attorney can also fight for the admissibility of evidence in your case. For example, if the officer didn’t have probable cause to stop your vehicle or followed improper protocol when administering a breath test or field sobriety tests, this evidence may be excluded from your trial.

DUI offenders must complete an alcohol and drug treatment program. They must also enter a probationary period. During this time they must meet regularly with their probation officer and submit to random drug testing.

Drug Crimes

A drug crime conviction can have serious consequences that affect your future career prospects, ability to obtain credit, your eligibility to adopt a child, and your right to vote. Conviction of a dangerous drug offense can also result in significant fines and a permanent criminal record.

There are different types of drug crimes in Georgia, but the most common one is possession. The state divides drugs into five schedules, from Schedule I, which is the most dangerous, to Schedule V, which has a lower risk of abuse.

A charge of possession can escalate to intent to distribute if police find scales, bags, and other paraphernalia that are typically used for selling drugs. Federal prosecutors have more power to prosecute drug-related offenses than local or state authorities, and they have harsher penalties. A Savannah federal drug defense lawyer can help protect your rights and fight the charges against you.

Domestic Violence

Domestic and family violence takes many forms, from physical abuse to psychological, emotional, financial, and sexual abuse. In Georgia, acts of domestic abuse are taken very seriously and can result in serious criminal penalties, including jail time, restraining orders, fines and a loss of freedom, as well as having lasting consequences for your career, personal relationships, and children.

Heap and Fulford are hoping to secure a city-owned property on Waters Avenue to house a one-stop assistance center for victims of sexual, domestic and dating violence and stalking. She said victims often struggle to seek help because they have to go to multiple locations to meet with law enforcement, courts, medical, SAFE shelter and social service workers. This can also create transportation challenges.

If you have been accused of a domestic violence offense, contact The Ozer Law Firm, LLC. Our attorney balances aggressive representation with a compassionate, easy-going demeanor to provide comprehensive and well-rounded legal support as your defense lawyer. Schedule a consultation with us online today.

Sex Crimes

Sexual crimes can be especially traumatic to defendants, as they are often stigmatized in society. Those who have been accused of these offenses may find their relationships with family, friends and co-workers stressed or even ruined. In addition, sex crime charges can bring a variety of serious consequences, including jail time and fines.

Georgia defines rape as the penetration of the female sex organ by the male sex organ, forcibly against her will. It is a felony charge.

Aggravated indecent assault is the penetrating of a person’s genitals or anus with any object, regardless of the extent of the penetration, without consent and in circumstances of aggravation. It is a second-degree felony. Indecent exposure is the contact of any part of the body with seminal fluid, urine or feces for reasons other than medical, hygienic or law enforcement purposes. It is a misdemeanor. It is important to consult a Savannah sex crimes attorney if you face these charges.

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