The Lobb Law Firm Discusses What To Do Immediately After a Car Accident

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SOUTHFIELD, MI / ACCESSWIRE / February 20, 2023 / Each year thousands of individuals are involved in vehicle accidents ranging from minor fender benders to life-threatening head-on collisions. Although no one plans to get in a wreck, accidents are part of life, and according to The Lobb Law Firm, knowing what to do in case of an accident can help not only save lives, but position any future claim of damages for success.

This quarter, The Lobb Law Firm discusses what an individual needs to do immediately following a car accident, and how these actions can help them get the settlement or verdict for damages that they deserve.

Stay at the Scene

According to The Lobb Law Firm, the first step after a car accident is to stay at the scene. Leaving the scene of an accident is a criminal offense, and it can also impact one’s ability to claim compensation for any damages or injuries. It’s important for any party to an accident to stay at the scene and exchange information with any other drivers involved, including contact information and insurance details.

Check for Injuries

It’s crucial to check for injuries immediately after a car accident. If anyone is injured, it is advisable to call 911 or local emergency services immediately. If the injuries are minor, it may be sufficient to see a doctor or visit a hospital emergency room as soon as possible, without the need for ambulatory care.

Gather Evidence

Gathering evidence at the scene of the accident is important in order to strengthen a potential claim for damages. This includes taking photographs of the damages to both vehicles, as well as any skid marks or other road debris. Notes should also be taken as to the road conditions, directions everyone was headed, weather, traffic signs, and any other relevant details.

It’s also important to get contact information and statements from any witnesses who were involved or privy to the accident. These statements are best gathered while the incident is fresh on their minds and their memory accurate.

Contact The Insurance Company

After a car accident, it’s important to contact the insurance company as soon as possible to report the incident.

Seek Legal Advice

Those involved in a car accident should consult with an experienced personal injury attorney at their earliest convenience. According to The Lobb Law Firm, an experienced personal injury lawyer can provide professional guidance and assist in presenting evidence that supports a claim for damages.

Personal injury attorneys are dedicated to protecting their clients’ interests, and working tirelessly to seek out the maximum compensation they may be entitled to. With their knowledge and expertise, a car accident attorney can effectively navigate the legal system and prevail against third parties such as insurance companies that may not be inclined to pay out.

About The Lobb Law Firm

The Lobb Law Firm has been fighting for the rights of personal injury victims in Michigan for nearly 50 years. Its firm has effectively handled a wide range of personal injury cases, including car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, slip and fall accidents, and dog bites, winning its clients millions in favorable verdicts and settlements.

Backed by decades of combined experience, the firm’s team brings a deep understanding of the legal issues and challenges involved in personal injury cases, allowing them to quickly resolve claims and achieve the best outcome possible.

Headed by Joseph R. Lobb, one of Michigan’s highest-rated and successful personal injury lawyers in Michigan, under his leadership the firm has achieved considerable success and exceptional results for clients.

Those interested in learning more about the firm or in scheduling a free consultation are encouraged to reach out through the official website or by calling 248-453-1467.

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